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Many Cups of Chai


To help promote Many Cups of Chai’s first feature film, “For Here or To Go?”, the team approached me to set-up and launch the film’s very own site within 3 weeks.  I made clear landmark dates that had to have been met to ensure a successful launch, and was put in contact with the most hardworking and top-notch team at Many Cups of Chai. Check-ins with the team were weekly, of not daily, and each member submitted critique, copy, and content on time when it was needed. Needless to say, the project went by smoothly and the site launched within its projected date!

Project management aside, this was my first time putting together a site for a movie. Since movies come and go, their sites tend to do the same. During my research, it was clear that unless a movie is a hit, the site was most likely not there. The amount of current movies that did have a website was enough for me to pull information from. Below are wireframes I built based off of my research to best showcase everything about the movie. We used these wireframes to find a WordPress theme ideal for, “For Here or To Go?”.

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