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INgrooves Music Group relied heavily on plain text emails to communicate with their clients and retailers. It left a very unofficial and unbranded feel to their messaging. Leveraging the musician’s album artwork and PR photography, I created a bi-weekly informative newsletter for retailers that put a face to the artists INgrooves wanted to feature.

Communication with INgroove’s clients (ie. label managers) was a different story. The previous welcome email was plain text with numerous loosely branded attachments added to it - leaving the responsibility of sifting through each document to find key information on their clients shoulders. For clients new to INgrooves, this caused a lot of confusion and frustration, and left a bad impression right off the bat.

Working with the operations team we discovering exactly what new clients needed to get started using the INgrooves platform. Using that info, I designed and coded an email template that provided the client’s login information, what the client would find on the INgrooves platform, and a link to our knowledge base for any further questions. The email was set-up on SendGrid - allowing the operations team to track when and if a client has opened their welcome email and easily send over a new copy if needed.

The operations team has reported a much more successful transition for clients into the INgrooves distribution platform and less calls asking for their FTP or login information. 

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